Monday, March 19, 2012

Galileo Galilei is my Homeboy - PS: Site Changes Ahoy

A famous scientist and philosopher once said, "Two Finger Scroll is the greatest fucking website ever and I would rather sell my own stomach lining than wait a month or so for each new post."

So to please my old lover Galileo Galilei, I am totally proud to announce that some changes will be coming to the Scrolls in the near future.

What sort of changes?

Well, firstly we will be broadening our content! There will still be failed attempts at humourous anecdotes, but there will also be short stories, long stories, opinions, crossword puzzles, comics, medium stories and artwork. Stick figures, mostly.

As a part of this we will also be including more writers/artists/complainers in order to bring you more content each and every decade!

So, strap yourself on and hold your breath in antici- 

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