Monday, August 15, 2011

Social Network vs Pornography

Web-track millions of users and you're bound to find out what they're into. Very recently, Bill Tancer, a self described data-geek has been analyzing people's interests and emotions based on some form of data-geekery relating to web searches and traffic. Among other things, he discovered that bellybutton lint, elbows and ceiling fans are of more concern to society than social intimacy and rejection.

More interestingly and less trivial, he discovered that social network traffic has essentially overtaken pornography in terms of popularity on the internet. Supported by the fact that pornography searches have literally halved over the last ten years, this is kind of amazing, but should come as no surprise.

Many of us are guilty of pouring hours into social networks instead of actually going out and developing a real social network in the real world, but is this really a bad thing if it's already more popular than pornography? Probably, but I would prefer to spend hours staring at the social news feed than staring at silicon-filled porn stars that look like they have the entire hepatitis alphabet.

- Aaron.

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