Thursday, April 14, 2011

Capitalist Manifesto

Now, I promised a capitalist manifesto, and I'm going to deliver it. I went out to tea with my girlfriend, and several friends this evening, at an Italian restaurant in Glenelg. Have any of you really thought about what you order when you go to a restaurant? I ordered a fettucine puttanesca. It was delightful, I must admit. My girlfriend, Emma, bought a fairly sizeable schnitzel, while two of our other friends also bought pasta. Stop and consider: we averaged around $20 each, on food that we could have cooked at home in about half an hour. Yet none of us batted an eye-lid.

We live in an extremely capitalist society. In fact, our society is SO capitalist, that it attempted to ban capitalism about fifty years ago. The legal system soon put a stop to that! Huzzah for the legal system! But still, a number of people felt that their way of lives were so threatened by the terrors of "not-spending-and-making-fuckloads-of-money", that they felt the need to illegalise the practise of communism, and imprison all those that practised them.


As I mentioned previously, people clearly aren't meant to be happy.
But hey, I can't talk. The law building that I have to enter by force of conscientiousness is a veritable fort of capitalism. A strangely ugly one at that. Try walking in there without spotting a girl that has spent hundreds of dollars on a leather hand-bag. Or some furry monstrosity, that's keeping them fashionably warm, inspite of the more than sufficient air-conditioning permeating the building.
On the topic of capitalism... anyone want to buy my soul? Apparently it's unnecessary in my chosen profession.


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