Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life's a lot of Little Things...

We get pretty annoyed about the smallest things. Wars have been started over a few words. When George Bush was hit in the face with a shoe, we all thought it was merely hilarious. The Arab world cheered at the just insult delivered to their enemy. Either way you look at it, the president was a bit of a bastard anyway.

The other night, blood was nearly spilled over a leaf. Not just any leaf, mind you, but a chocolate leaf. It was quite delicious, though I’m told it was just cooking chocolate. Anyway, this leaf came close to resulting in the murder of yours truly by Tom’s girlfriend Katrina. I think the story needs some sort of background, however.

I came home from work at around 6:30 PM several nights ago, in order to celebrate Tom’s 21st birthday with dinner and drinks. The latter of which there were many. By the time I arrived, the kitchen was a whirlwind of activity with Katrina and her friend Charlotte, preparing seventeen different dishes while simultaneously practising their yoga and sipping tea. Just kidding. I was lying about the tea.

At any rate, this flurry of activity produced a delicious feast of salad, steak and incredible chocolate cheese-cake. The cheese-cake was swirled, and had obviously required a great deal of time and effort to painstakingly create. Katrina had lovingly crafted this Cake over many hours, devoting her blood, sweat and tears to the effort, and managing an amazing creation. I promptly slid up to the kitchen counter, and removed one of the six chocolate leaves from the cake. Considering its incredible taste, I think that it was well worth the complete and utter shit-storm that ensued. There was yelling, left, right and center. Shoes were thrown, despite a lack of any arab heritage. Knives were also drawn, and juggled.

Again, I exaggerate. But Katrina did yell at me for destroying her amazing cake. Personally I think that the asymmetrical image of a cake with five beautifully crafted leaves was a good one. But then... I got to eat the sixth leaf.

Have you ever ruined someone else’s perfectly crafted reality, thinking it was just a small thing? If so, leave a comment.

- Kostas

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Katrina said...

Love it Aaron.
Freaking LOVE IT!

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