Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leopards & Lions

Air-Ports, Time Machines and Dashboards used to be real things. Tangible things. In the real world. It makes me sad that in the future our kids won't know what the fuck Leopards & Lions are.

Apple's strange obsession of robbing real-world items of their definitions will undoubtedly prevent kids or really stupid people from differentiating between things in the real world and these blatantly unnecessary features. Launch Pad, Mission Control, Versions and Air Drop are just some of the headlining features in Apple's new operating system Lion, which is due for release this winter.

This is ridiculous.

Now, software companies have been doing this for as long as we can remember with Word, Apple, Explorer, Finder, Photoshop etc, but it's getting to the point where Apple has decided to push the insane notion that things in the real world haven't earned their place, and they won't stop until they have ownership rights on every fucking word in the dictionary.

- Aaron

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