Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jony Ive loves the Scroll

Jonathan "Jony" Ive is a man whose face we all should recognise although most of us wouldn't know his name. He has been the Senior Vice President of Apple’s design department for over nineteen years, and he gets excited nearly all the time. That's right, he and his team of skin-headed boffins are responsible for designing all those overpriced-yet-tempting products that Apple churns out every four minutes.

Ive has been praising the Two Finger Scroll in Apple's press release films, and we think that's awesome. Granted, to the untrained eye it may seem as though he is simply talking about Apple products, but we know better. Here he is pictured below, getting himself in a knot of excitement talking about the Two Fingered Scroll. Notice how words have failed him and the hands have taken over.

So thank you, Jony Ive. It seems all those years of consumer loyalty have paid off for our site. Even if that loyalty was built on continually buying your products because we kept dropping them.

- The Two Finger Scroll team.

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