Monday, April 18, 2011

Beyond the End of Time

A firm grip on the status of 'longest-running science fiction Television Show in the world' will automatically earn you a top-shelf position right next to Top Gear in our lounge room. Aliens that look like charismatic Englishmen combined with 'I-Win' gadgets, a kick-ass 'Time-And-Relative-Dimension-In-Space' Ship that's bigger on the inside and a plethora of gorgeous sidekicks will always make an excellent combo in my book.

If you haven't guessed what I'm on about yet then you may as well stop reading because I'm not explaining it any further.

They have this uncanny ability to out-do themselves every time The Doctor regenerates. Is this a good thing? Let's face it, Eccleston and Baker (next on the awesome-scale) were brilliant in their own way, but the only real contest is the proverbial 'out-awesome-the-other' contest between Tennant and Smith over the last few years.

You can't go past Tennant's ridiculously convincing, over-the-top acting that (almost) made me cry. Possibly more than once. He's just that good, alright? Anyway, he suits up every day, cruises around the universe befriending big heads in jars, saving entire worlds from certain death, all while rockin' a giant quiff. How they keep that thing upright is an impressive engineering feat in itself. It's really no wonder why every woman he comes across falls madly in love with him. They often die, but that's ok. It's usually justified because he gets all sad about it.

On the other hand we have number eleven. Smith's eccentric charm is only matched by this 'devilishly handsome' thing he's got going, even though it looks like a steamroller ran over his face and made it all square. Leaning more toward a more fickle personality and deeper psychological obscurity rather than a predictable emotional platter like his predecessor, we think he's definitely lived up to the challenge, and all that remains is to exceed Tennant's level of awesome, but in his own way.

I don't think words can explain that one properly, and until Smith leaves we can't be certain of anything, so this Chart I prepared earlier should explain things.

As you can see, Tennant & Smith currently retain such a high percentage of awesome, they have their own Pie Chart. For now, that's all we can determine.

We're all wetting ourselves with excitement over the new series that's been confirmed for this year, although we're not sure of the release dates.

- Aaron


tropidoderus said...

Great article, Aaron! Not sure I agree that Smith has quite as much awesome-ness as Tennant... but he's getting there :) I believe the series starts April 30th, 7:30pm


Soph said...

You should really watch some of the earlier Doctors they totally need to receive a little more pie. But I am still in love with Tennant.

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