Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assignment Rage

Now, I’m sure all you readers have noticed that there are three names added everywhere on this site of any importance. I’ve been credited with this blog’s creation, but haven’t contributed anything thus far. Convenient for me. Boring for you. For all of you eagerly awaiting some input from the one and only Kostas (the ‘s’ is silent), your misery will now come to an end!
The main reason for my lack of input thus far has been homework. I’m a law student. This means that I have a huge amount of work to do. Not that I actually do it. However, about mid-way through every semester, we have a week or so that is just ball-breakingly horrific. This is what I like to call "The-Law-is-proper-fucking-me" week. It involves an assignment for every subject. Although different teachers take each subject within the faculty, I have a sneaking suspicion that they conspire to cause us pain.

No wonder Lawyers are universally considered to be horrible bastards.
This week usually involves tears, fears, threats, ultimatums and pleas for extensions from the students in Adelaide Law School. I only succumbed to the latter of the mentioned responses, but the assignment is starting to tell on me regardless, and has hindered me from entertaining you, my dear readers! A conundrum which will soon come to an end.
I’m sure that this is a situation that most of you are familiar with. How many people have forgotten about an assignment until the night before it’s due. Or more commonly the week before, followed by six days of extreme procrastination and anxiety. Generally I tend to realise my own failure to complete the assignment… then begin it the night before it's supposed to be handed up. My marks are based on a constant coffee-fuelled haze of confusion and exhaustion. Can I get a HELL YEAH people?
Procrastination seems to be a common problem. In fact, it more or less rules my life. I have every intention to become a brilliant student at the beginning of each semester. In fact, I know full well that I’m going to become some sort of super-star lawyer – hey, if no one else is going to tell me, I have to reassure myself. However, despite my best intentions, my dedication and motivation have usually tapered off by around week seven. Which is to say… now.
I mentioned to Aaron today that I thought the idea of a trade would be incredible at the moment. No homework. I could come home from work – which I was actually paid for – and sleep. Or threaten cats, as Aaron apparently does. However, this comment received only a vehement no. I guess people just aren’t meant to be happy. Let's all heave a sigh, people.

In conclusion, if you have assignment rage, I sympathise with you. And if you're happy, then I'm going to take a stab and say that you're lying.

Just you wait for my next post. A Capitalist Manifesto.

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